Hairstyles List : Best 7 Specific Styles

 Specific Hairstyles List

 Hairstyles List -Want to know how to put all of that together?

 Remember, each hairstyles list is basically a combination of three factors:

The kind of hair you have naturally

The way your stylist has shaped it (the “attitude”)

The products and processes you use to take care of it at home

 To see how those all come together, here’s a list of some of the more common hairstyles. Most of these have more than one name, so you may have heard them called different things depending on where you live and how your stylist was trained.

Hairstyle list
Short Cuts

 Shaved Head Style

Self-explanatory, really — everything is shaved clean, leaving a bare scalp. It’s simple, but requires regular upkeep if you haven’t gone completely bald naturally.

These days a shaved head is considered a reasonable option for men who are beginning to bald in places and want to even it all out, but it still has a youth and rebellion association for many people. Combined with any visible tattoos it’s definitely an aggressive style.

Burr Style

An even-length cut buzzed down to about 1/8″ or less. Most barbers will bring the back of the neckline up pretty high when they do a burr cut, so that there’s not a lot of stubble reaching down the back of the neck.

 A common cut for military men, athletes, and other guys who don’t want to deal with styling or with sweaty tangles. It’s socially very neutral — you can wear it with just about any style in just about any situation, though it’s less common among the suit-and-tie crowd.

Hairstyle list butch
Butch Hairstyles 

 Another buzz cut (where the hair is trimmed down to an even length all over with electric clippers), but longer than the burr. Generally about an even 1/4″ length. Sometimes the sides are tapered or faded out around the ears, but if the effect becomes dramatic it’s more of a “fade” or a “high and tight” style (see below).

 Like the burr, this is a low-maintenance default for men that don’t like to think about their hair. It’s a little less aggressively macho/sporting than the short burr.

Crew Cut Style

A buzz cut with some sculpting to it: the sides are usually tapered, and the top is tapered so that it’s longer in front and shorter in back. The edges are usually rounded, giving it a little less boxy of a look than a butch or burr.

Crew cuts are a popular youth and college style, typical on frat boys and student athletes. Older men with receding hairlines may also wear them, using the curve of the haircut to even out things around their bald spot.

Hairstyle list fade
Fade Style

A broad term, but generally refers to longer hair on top of the head buzzed gradually shorter as it comes down the side of the head. The taper usually starts around the ears and fades down to bare skin around the neckline.

 Fades have been popular styles for men with curly hair for decades, with different lengths up top coming in and out of fashion. At the longest, the front can be curled up into a small pompadour (see below).

 Fades give the low-maintenance of a basic buzz cut but look a little more deliberate. They’re good for men who don’t want to think about their hair much but who want a bit of style to their cut beyond the most basic, utilitarian shape.

Different barbers probably have different ideas of where to start the fade and how long to leave it up top, so be sure to be specific in your request.

Hairstyle list
High and Tight Style

 A traditional military style, a “high and tight” is basically an extreme fade. The sides are shaved close all the way up the side of the head, leaving the hair a little longer for just the inch or two across the top of the skull. The top is usually between 1/8″ and 1/4″ long, with the rest of the head shaved closer than 1/8″.

 If the sides are shaved off entirely, leaving just a strip up top like a very short mohawk, it’s sometimes called a “high and tight recon” or just a “recon.”

 Outside of the military, it’s sometimes worn as a low-maintenance look with a little style to it, especially by young men. High-and-tight cuts are uncommon in more formal business settings.

Hairstyle list flat
Flat Top Hairstyles list

 A flat top is an aggressive buzz that trims the hair to an even height rather than an even length. That means it’s a little longer on the sides than the very top of the head, with everything combed straight up (and usually stiffened with the product).

The result is, as the name implies, a flat horizontal plane all the way across the top of the head. Some styles will round it out a bit around the edges, while others go for as sharp and boxy a shape as possible.

 Flat tops are a fairly casual style. You’ll see them on entertainers and celebrities from time to time, as well as athletes.

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