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How To Pick The Perfect Hairstyle Look

What makes a good hairstyle look… and how can you tell if it’ll be good for you?

Here are some questions you might want to ask when searching for a new look:

  • Is it right for your hair type?

Reread chapter 1 if you’re still not sure if your hair is thick or thin, fine or coarse, etc. Remember: You want a cut

If you have any doubt as to what your facial shape is try this trick: Brush your hair away from your face and secure it with an elastic band or headband.

Then stand in front of a well-lit mirror and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror with a grease pencil or a cake of soap.


Step Back And Decide, Without Question, Hairstyle Look

square, oblong, oval … or even triangular. • Is it the right proportion for your height and body build?

A hairstyle is part of your total look, not just from the neck up. A petite woman with delicate facial features might be dwarfed by too much hair, while a big, broad-shouldered gal will appear to be bigger and broader-shouldered with a short, close-cropped cut.

This is not to say that a small woman cannot have long hair, or that a plus-size person won’t look beautiful with short hair … provided it’s in the proper proportion. • Is it right for your lifestyle?

If you run or work out before work every morning, you certainly don’t want a hairstyle that takes a lot of doing to look good. Likewise, if you work in a bank or a conservative law firm, you won’t find a trendy cut, a fussy, upswept style, or a dramatic fashion color particularly appropriate.

The CHoice Is Yours , Don’t Hesitate

hairstyles look before and after

Now is the time to pick a look you’ll love. Here is a gallery of styles for your consideration


 One could hardly call this hairnet style: Thick but fine hair falls loosely from a jagged side part. It can be worn down, like this: pulled back into a ponytail or braid: or turned up on top of the head … and that’s about it.


You don’t have to take off much length to create this sharp, so

hairstyles look

sophisticated look. The baseline is blunt cut at the shoulders, while underlying starts in the brown, creating volume and Distributing the hair’s weight so that it swings with style. Bangs are cut straight across the temples and then featured to tickle the brow. This is one stunning blow dry bob. It’s long enough o pull into a French twist or curl on the electric roller for more Inese-up occasions. HAIRSTYLE AND PHOTOS BY FRANCES LONDON DUBOSE


A little olive oil will seal split ends. Apply lightly to dry hair, then wrap your head in a hot, damp towel. Cover with a plastic map and let stand ten to fifteen minutes, until the towel cools. Then wash with a gentle shampoo, rinse, and style as usual.

Of course, the only way to get rid of seriously damaged hair to having a professional trim.

Consider The Options, Your Hairstyle Look !!!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always win my hair to look the same way every day. After all, I don’t do the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes I’m chained to my computer and telephone, and then there are days that are filled with meetings from dawn to dusk, not to mention weekends at the beach and nights on the town Give me options. Options I can choose

I feel the same way about my hairstyle, I want to be able to decide how I’m going to loo, . I don’t relish being limited to just one look and I certainly don’t choose to be a slave to my hair’s whims. None of that “Well, Hair, what are you go ing to do today?” for me.

My favorite style stains with a blunt cut perimeter just below my chin line. It is layered just a little bit, to distribute its weight from the crown (Because I have a lot of fine hair it starts to look like I’m wearing a neck brace if it’s too long or unlayered.) My bangs are long enough to brush forward, hack, or to either side, but not too long so I can’t see where I’m going.

I can wear it loosely back at the temples with just part of the bangs flipped forward, or I can fluff everything forward to frame my face with regular wisps. I can add height with a little leasing at the crown, gather the sides of my face with a barrette or combs, at I can set it on electric rollers for those dressier moments.

Now that’s the kind of versatility I like.

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